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In-School Suspension

2012 - 2013 In-School Suspension (ISS)



ISS for FCHS students will be held on the FCHS campus.

Placements may range from 1-5 days. If your child is assigned to ISS three times, you will be notified. If your child is assigned to ISS more than five days, you (parent/guardian) will have to transport your child to and from school and sign him/her in and out.

Your child will be supervised by a board employee. They may purchase breakfast and lunch. Please make sure that your child does not bring a cell phone or iPod to ISS. If they are taken up, you may pick them up at the school as stated in the "Cell Phone Policy". The school phone is available in emergency situations.

Please talk to your child about the importance of following school rules in order to avoid ISS placement(s).

Possible infractions that will result in ISS placement:

  • *fighting
  • *tobacco use
  • *inappropriate cell phone use
  • *3 discipline referrals - pink slips
  • Consistent violation of dress code
  • *excessive tardiness
  • *other serious infractions as determined by administrators

If you have any questions, please call the principal or assistant principal.

Please read over the ISS rules on the back of this letter. Please sign and return this form to your child's homeroom teacher ASAP.

Student Signature                                                 Parent Signature

                                 ISS Rules

A copy of these rules will be given to parents at the beginning of school

  • 1. No cell phones or iPods
  • 2. No gum or candy or snacks
  • 3. No talking
  • 4. No tobacco products
  • 5. No sleeping
  • 6. Must participate in physical activity/recess.
  • 7. Must complete all assigned work.

Student will be supervised by a board employee at all times. Regular breakfast and lunch will be available. Three bathroom breaks will be provided:     9:30   -   lunch   -   1:00.